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The master-planned neighborhood of Dubai Hills Estate, which is situated in Dubai’s green center, combines residential and commercial development. A community with a distinctive architecture built around an outstanding 18-hole championship golf course.

This residential complex,

which has a retail, recreational, and entertainment complex, is distinctive in and of itself. The first mixed-use building that is a crucial component of Mohammed Bin Rashid City is Dubai Hills Estate. This neighborhood enjoys a prime location halfway between Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina Buy leads for real estate


By way of Al Khail Road, the neighborhood provides quick access to the city’s most well-liked neighborhoods and attractions. A jogging track, art installations, fountains, water features, infinity pools, and shaded reading areas are other enticing attractions offered by this residential neighborhood. Dubai Hills 2023 Property Owners Database Buy leads for real estate

Due to its accessibility to the city and the amenities in the neighborhood, Emaar Dubai Hills is a favorite among investors in addition to many families and couples. As a result, over the past few years, sales patterns in Dubai Hills Estate have increased. The villas for sale in Dubai Hills are an excellent choice for those seeking private residences. These are gated, elite neighborhoods with built-in green spaces and opulent gardens.

The Mall 

The Mall of the Emirates, a nearby retail center, can’t compete with this mall in Dubai Hills Estate. Other shopping centers, like Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Mall, and Oasis Centre, are 20 minutes away from the neighborhood.

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Dubai hills 2024 Real Estate Property Owners Landlords Database Online
Dubai hills 2024 Real Estate Property Owners Landlords Database Online


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